Batman v Superman: Ultimate Edition (Film Review)


It’s been nearly four months since the controversial film, Batman v Superman hit theaters. The film was heavily condemned by critics, while fans seems to like it–mostly. Personally, I found the film to be a mixed bag. While Affleck’s Batman shone as the best part of the film, nothing really impressed me besides the visuals and action sequences. The film was a sloppy mess that lacked any cohesive story or narrative. However, Zack Snyder has given us a three hour cut of the film with new and extended scenes.

Director: Zack Snyder

Cast: Ben Affleck, Henry Cavil, Jesse Eisenberg, Amy Adams, Diane Lane, Lawrence Fishburne, and a lot of other great actors.

Plot: After the destruction of Metropolis, reeked by Superman and General Zod, the world wrestles with the question: must there be a Superman? Lex Luthor, genius son of the deceased billionaire, believes Superman has too much power, and seeks to paint him as a threat to humanity. Bruce Wayne, who shares this concern, sets out on a personal vendetta to take down the Man of Steel.

screen shot 2015-12-03 at 5.10.56 am

Once again, my opinion of Ben Affleck’s Batman is not changed. He is absolutely phenomenal, and continues to be the best part of the entire film, both theatrical and ultimate edition. He’s brutal, battle worn, and brilliantly played by Affleck. He looks just like Frank Miller’s Batman. The character and his motivations are pretty well realized in the first ten minutes of the film. In one shot, we understand why Bruce Wayne wants to take down Superman.


One of the biggest failures of Batman v Superman, in my opinion, was the way Superman was treated as a character. Instead of giving both Batman and Superman equal time and character development, Batman got more attention, and I felt Superman was sidelined. His character had plenty of potential to grow in this film. Superman is being criticized, the world struggles to accept him, and he is battling his own demons. But the film neglects to really explore this more, and instead shaves down his scenes and gives more attention to Batman. The ultimate edition somewhat fixes this problem.

This is a simple, one minute scene of Superman flying an injured person out of the capitol building to m






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